about moveorganic™

Dear Friends,

I would like to welcome you to my website and briefly introduce myself and moveorganic™. My name is Lidia Mezei and I have 15 years experience in professional sports as a trainer in physical preparation and designing exercises. During this time, I have serviced the needs of athletes in football, judo and tennis, while also creating exercising programs for amateurs. What all this means is that moveorganic™ offers an innovative approach that combines all the skills, years of experience and oodles of my passion into a whole new concept.

Having worked with many professional and recreational athletes, I have seen how the following behavioral patterns, reinforced by our culture’s competitive systems, stand in the way of their personal joy and fulfillment.

Most athletes and working people today exhibit the following:

  • Constantly struggling for external recognition, rather than for internal satisfaction.
  • Measuring their self-worth as an athlete or person solely on the outcome of their performances in sports, on the job, or in relationships of all kinds.
  • Focusing on attaining perfection in every task, instead of seeing life as a journey in search for excellence.
  • Treating their sports or goals as something to conquer, thereby needlessly expending valuable energy.
  • Having unrealistic expectations that result in frustration, disappointment and distraction.
  • Blaming others when things go wrong, and, therefore, feeling out of control.
  • Condemning themselves for their failures, setbacks and mistakes, which often leads to a poor sense of self.

We’re just starting to find out what happens to genes when enviroment changes, how our emotions affect our health and how we can stimulate the body’s internal pharmacy to write perscriptions for healing. The results challenge medical ortodoxy. As the questions become bolder, the answers will become more surprising, and full of good news about the way we can use our consciousness to improve our happiness and health.

Dawson Church, PHD in his book “The Genie in your Genes”

Extraordinary performances and successes in sport, as in all of life, are created by passionate, moment-by-moment involvement. Our victories are natural by-products of this approach. Extraordinary performances come out of the process of continuous, regular physical and mental practice. This is why I have created moveorganic™ and its unique approach.

The moveorganic™ approach has been designed to deliver the highest level of creative training for individuals using a motivating, yet comfortable environment. It’s a blend of traditional and modern, containing the wisdom that comes naturally to each of us as individuals. In a carefully organized environment, we can apply the knowledge from the latest discoveries of Epigenetics, the biology of behavior, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and energy medicine with meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and much more.

The moveorganic™ approach is so efficient because all of the underlying principles are based on the laws of nature. Ultimately, this approach is based on self-discovery and the development of one’s own ability to unlock their natural potential. moveorganic™ takes you into a new territory, where exercising is no longer externally driven, but internally motivated.

Everyone should enjoy being a self-respecting athlete at any age or any skill level. The goal is to be able to exercise freely and joyfully for the rest of your life, and for you to enjoy the full range of benefits that this approach offers physically, mentally and spiritually.

Without further ado, I welcome you to moveorganic™.
Best regards,

Lidia Mezei

Founder of moveorganic™